I am fortunate enough to be able to build this new set around an existing fire suppression system. The first evening I ran some lighting on the system’s stacks, lit them up red (since I forgot the remote to my LED strips at home) and took a few measurements for my return the next day.  After tearing down the engineering set yesterday, I repurposed many pieces of the engineering set to create this “coffee station” “replicator” set piece, which I added the second day.  It can be seen on the left, it’s the cartoony, fakey, plastic-looking thing looking like it’s about to break against the cold, unforgiving strength of the iron, steel and brass of the fire system.  This set will only be featured in episode 2 of Dead Drift.  Banks has a scene here in the beginning of the episode, and Morris is here at the end.  That’s it for this set.  Kind of a damn shame, as I’m very pleased with the look of this, and that’s after 2 days of work.  We shoot here Thursday, then it’s on to building the Mars Station and JF lander sets.  Woohoo!